The company

WaterLab specializes in the manufacturing of products deriving from water treatment (Water grade I, II, III) meeting the needs of professionals in the medical field, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, chemical labs and overall industrial field.

Our range of products includes double distilled water for laboratory use, double distilled water for general use, pyrogen-free water, and ultra pure water intended for HPLC systems. All of our products are manufactured with state-of-the-art reverse osmosis systems.

Our goals and vision

As a manufacturer and supplier of treated water products, WaterLab has built a strong network for wholesale and retail sales, so that our products are available throughout Greece.

Our aim is to ensure efficient solutions for our clients by providing them with high-quality treated water products combined with our solid scientific background and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Our vision is to keep enriching our product line with new, innovative products that will meet our client’s needs on a global scale, and will further support and enhance their work.

Our core values

At WaterLab, we strongly believe in the great value of team work and sincere communication, and are committed to manufacturing high-quality treated water products and ensuring short turnaround times; on our way to accomplish our vision and achieve our goals, we embrace progress and innovation, with integrity and a creative spirit.

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