Double distilled water for general use

The double distilled water for general use by WaterLab is a reverse osmosis product with maximum conductivity of 10 μS/cm. It is recommended for applications that do not require water with particularly low conductivity, yet the purity of water may still affect the desired result (e.g. filling of batteries, dilution of paint, cleaning of sheetmetal machinery and laser cutting / marking / welding equipment, etc.).

Double distilled water for general use – Method of production

The starting material for the production of Double Distilled Water is water from the Attica supply system. Due to its high salinity and solid suspensions, the network water first goes through an automatic quartz filter and softener, prior to entering the reverse osmosis system for the final treatment.

Each product features a separate LOT number for proper tracking.

Double distilled water – Packaging

  • Plastic containers in carton packaging (4x4L)
    Product Code: GWP0004
  • Transparent 20 liter bag-in-box placed in white carton packaging (1x20L)
    Product Code: GWP0020

Double distilled water for general use – Features

  • Formula: H2O
  • Molecular Mass: 18,00
  • pH 5.0 – 7.0
  • Specific Gravity: 1 L = 1 Kg
  • Maximum Conductivity: <10 μS/cm
  • Colorless, clear liquid
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